Friday, March 17, 2006

Topical? You mean like that ointment I use "down there"?

I'm in the midst of yet another busy day -- clients to enrage, family members to disappoint, nomination papers to fill out -- so this will be brief. In and out. I think the term is "cut and run" (possibly with the words "the cheese" in there somewhere).

I really just care that he's still dead: So maybe old Slobo wasn't poisoned after all (by others, as some had speculated, or by himself, as carelessly reported by a certain disreputable source). But that doesn't mean that these two are off the hook.

What the baseball gods give, the hockey gods take away: In the words of that Nelson kid from the Simpsons, Haa Haa! In the words of Homer Simpson, Doh!!!

What NAFTA gives, the DOC takes away:
Well, we have the Haa Haa! As for the "Doh" -- just take the nose-thumbing that followed the last three similar rulings, rinse and repeat. But at least David Emerson is on the job. Word on the street is the man knows a thing or two about obstinance.

That is all. Go outside and play.


At March 18, 2006 12:35 a.m., Anonymous Steve P said...

I KNEW those two soccer moms were behind that one too!


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