Sunday, January 01, 2006

Not that he or anyone else reads this but...

Okay. I'll make this quick. Saw part of Dick Clark's New Year's from Times Square show on TV last night. Very moving to see to see him struggle through the show so courageously as he did.

And (picture the Grinch, mid heart-expansion) I felt a little bad about making a crack about him in my 12 Things post. I've joked about Dick Clark's age (and apparent lack of aging) for years but it was in especially poor taste to do it post-stroke.

So, a New Year's resolution: No more Dick Clark jokes. At least until he's fully recovered. (I will however, continue to poke similar good-natured fun at the not-so-age-defying Lloyd Robertson and Craig Oliver at CTV News, their continued good health allowing.)

And, one more non-Dick Clark alternative #7 to my 12 Things post:

7B. Do a double take. (Possible motivation: Mariah Carey's cleavage deserves no less.)


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